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Moving to a new home can be one of the most exciting lifestyle changes you will make and it can also be quite daunting and overwhelming.

The thought of condensing a lifetime of personal items, memorabilia, hobby items, treasured memories, household goods and furniture, inherited pieces, hobby paraphernalia and a whole lot more requires a great deal of thought and planning. 

Have you said asked yourself what you will do with all the things you don't want? Or, will the items you want to keep fit into your new home? 

Keep Calm and Call Rosie to the Rescue 

Rosie to the Rescue provides a range of tailored end to end downsizing and relocation services to assist you transition through your relocation event.

Rosie is an experienced project and logistical manager who specialises in helping people just like you transition through some of life's major events. 

Her ability to organise, plan and gently help you make some of those hard decisions are key to her success in helping many people transition smoothly through their lifestyle changes. 

Rosie to the Rescue offers services including guided decision making, property pre-sale styling, co-ordination of trades and service to make improvements to your home, de-cluttering and preparing for your move, obtaining quotes, liaising with third party service providers e.g. removalists and cleaners. 

To cap off all the planning and downsizing that has gone into your move, Rosie will set up your new home so that all you have to do is enjoy your new lifestyle and home from day 1. 

The next step is to call Rosie to the Rescue on 040 999 6980 and if possible, call as soon as you decide you will be relocating.  

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