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Rosie to the Rescue's youngest client is 4 years old. A gorgeous, intelligent and compassionate young lady. Taking her bedroom from cluttered to a space that would grow with her was the order of the day. Miss Client is a real person living a real life so there needed to be easy access to the swim bag, ballet bag, gymnastics bag, library bag etc. So they all stayed nice and handy. The contents of the plastic drawers were re-assessed and the items that were kept, re-housed in an existing chest of drawers. The other items were given with love to friends or donated to a charity. The plastic drawers were relocated to the play room where they were greatly needed.The groovy purple desk and hot pink chair were perfect for Miss Client to use now, and with room to grow. One of the great things with the desk is that it has castors making it easy to be relocated next to mum's office where they can both get on with the business of the day.

Miss Client was completely over the moon with the changes, she got into the spirit of change and even donated the moo cow on her desk to 'another little child who would really like it'.

Office De-Clutter and Re-organise...aaah breathing again!