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Mystery of the Migrating House Items

Posted on 16 September, 2013 at 5:00 Comments comments (7098)

Maybe it is just a phenomenon that occurs in my home but I find items that belong in the bedroom in the lounge room, items that belong in the laundry in a bedroom, bits and pieces just seem to migrate of their own volition around the house. I often find pens and pencils on the bathroom vanity. “Why” you ask. I have long hair and often put it up with a pen, pencil or chopstick, so these items invariably end up in the bathroom. Ok, ok…it is just something I do.

I am sure you can relate… 

Here’s a Tip… grab a basket or a tub of some sort. Starting at one end of the house and put everything in the basket that belongs in another room. Go to the next room and do the same. Add items to the basket that belong else where. Take out items that belong in that room. Systematically, go from room to room. Now here is the ‘buzz’. You have 15 minutes to complete this task. Set an alarm. GO….

Do not dilly dally. It is a straight forward exercise.

Get the kids involved. There are sure to be some competitive types around who will want to better the time each time. Maybe set a reward system when it gets to 5 minutes.

Have fun!